Terça-feira, 30 de Outubro de 2012

Without internal solidarity eurozone is doomed to crumble

It is very easy to understand and you need not be an economist: when a country is in financial difficulties for paying interests required by markets it is not possible to get out of crisis simply by the obligation of drastic and sudden budget cuts, reducing and pushing thousands of companies that work for internal market to the failure, causing a lot of thousands of unemployed people. This also means to reduce taxes received from companies and workers. Employment must be safeguarded as much as possible. Necessary cuts must be very criterious and avoid any cuts of expenses with social security when it is more necessary and it is called up to respond to the functions for what it have been created. Healthcare, education, support on unemployment, expenses with retirements which are due to those who have contributed whole working life cannot be cut or simply reduced. Unnecessary expenses must be cut down as well as combat to corruption must become more efective. Justice must be swift and efficient that must be main tasks: A corrupt country or where justice does not work is not credible and does not promote private initiative, except if it is specially protected and with special benefits as like reduced taxes. If taxes have to be increased they must de extended to whole population and not directed to a special group or groups, so that efforts may be distributed by everyone.
Population does not have in general no responsability about the origin of the collapse, but are citizens who pay for bad governance of former governors, and often as a result of acts of corruption inside the circle of power.
The formula that is being applied for some EU countries in difficulties only delays the date of its bankruptcy that shall happen anyway. The agony shall be prolonged for some few years longer but it shall happen, because then everything will be worse than at beginning. Greater evils could has been avoided if solidarity within EU had been real and if eurobonds had been created with euro. The way as euro has been created became a trap for economical weaker countries, which have had benefit of lower interest rates at beginning but are not able to pay higher values that now are being required by markets when they realised that economies of those countries were weak and there was no real solidarity within eurozone.
Now, weaker countries, already in dificulties, should require from better condition partners of eurozone the implementation of eurobonds immediately, in order to create a real eurozone monetary. That would reduce pressure on weaker economies. If that does not happen soon these countries will have to recognize they can not pay so high interests which are being imposed them and one of two choices will have to be made: either renegociating the debt or taking those countries into misery and social chaos, anyway they shall have to continue using the euro once they have no other currency now and they would have to pay to create a new one. The alternative would be the richest ones create themselves a new currency and leave the euro, but does it make the weaker countries pay theirs debts now?

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Quarta-feira, 16 de Maio de 2012

Merkel e a sua atitude face aos excessos despesistas de países como a Grécia e Portugal. / Merkel and Germany attitude to the expenses of countries like Greece and Portugal.

A Chanceler alemã exige mais e mais austeridade para a Grécia, e Portugal (e para outros países), mas a Alemanha foi também responsável pela situação, vendendo submarinos a países sem condições económicas para os adquirirem, sem necessidade deles e sem dinheiro para a sua manutenção. Essa venda poderá ter sido facilitada porque existia uma alta corrupção nesses países e a Alemanha sabia disso e terá pago a políticos corruptos para fechar o negócio, o que ajudou a aumentar os défices nos seus países, por isso gostaria de saber quantos milhões de euros terão entregue aos políticos corruptos que contrataram essas compras ruinosas e desnecessárias para os seus países. Investigações já foram feitas, mas as consequências não satisfazem completamente. O estatuto moral da Alemanha também foi posto em causa. Mais, a solidariedade económica da UE não compreende porque os países em crise pagam juros superiores aos países que não foram tão atingidos pela crise e assim os países em melhores condições podem até ganhar com o negócio. Mais: Estes negócios deveriam ser considerados inválidos e os submarinos devolvidos às Empresas corruptoras. 




German chancellor calls for more and more austerity for Greece and Portugal (and other countries), but Germany was also responsible for the situation, selling submarines to countries without conditions for buying them, without enough money for their maintenance. This sale may have been facilitated because there was a high corruption in these countries and Germany knew this and have paid the corrupt politicians to close those deals, which helped increasing deficit in their countries, so I wonder how many millions will have been delivered those corrupt politicians who hired these ruinous and unnecessary purchases to their countries. Investigations have already been made​​, but consequences do not fully satisfy. Moral status of Germany was also put into question. Further, the economic solidarity of the EU does not understand why crisis countries pay higher interests than those in better conditions and that even may win dealing this way. More: Farthermore, these businesses should be considered invalid and submarines return to  corrupting Companies.

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Segunda-feira, 5 de Dezembro de 2011

When does western economical crisis finish?

The answer for the question is: NEVER, NOW IT'S TH END! Crisis in western social developed countries finishes only when their citizens become Chinese, to say: when western people are leveled with chinese, socially in their wages, without paid vacations, not either holidays, nor weekly rest days, nor subsidies; without any support for healthless, nor any support for childhood, nor for old aged people, nor any other social benefits. Wild globalization shall cause this and it was got us by multinationals, which maneuvered economists and politicians who put us into open competition with eastern countries, such as China, where workers are born without any rights, quickly start working 12 hours a day, seven days a week, without holidays (much less paid) without any support in healthless, nor even in oldest ages. When those poor people are not able to work anymore, they just wait death in very poor conditions. This globalization shall bring us that too.

It's easy to realize that if a pair of shoes costs one dollar to produce in China, because salaries are perfectly despised as a production factor, why are western companies going to make them here for twenty-five dollars? Now, with open markets, western companies may go, make them there in order to export for western countries, making a savage and dishonest competition with factories that still remain at west. The example is valid for any other product. This globalization does not even help chinese to improve their way of life, once West did not require neither China nor other eastern countries any conditions to freely sell their products in West.

This dishonest competition shall kill the Western economy, once industries shall move into east or close. Unemployment shall grouth always at west as long as purchase power of their people goes down. Deregulation in the financial area also disturbed balance.

This crisis is the end of western social developed countries. 


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