Domingo, 4 de Novembro de 2012

How will be the world when crisis in Western countries is outdated?

What is happening at west was already expected and it is just the beginning of a new era, the countries of the Far East that have already surpassed the West economically. The rest will follow afterwards: technologic supremacy, the military power and the influence over the world. There is nothing new: there have been always civilizations that emerged, grew, peaked and then were overcome and today are just History.

The change became faster with this globalization that has created the open global markets after the wall Berlin fall. West fell into a trap which interested to very large companies that wanted to take advantage from low production costs in the east to where they are moving their factories. Everyone knows that the cost of labor is insignificant in eastern countries due to low salaries and lack of any social obligations there.

This is an unfair globalization once social developed countries at west did not require from eastern ones any conditions to export their products freely into west. Western countries should have required from east to provide better social conditions their populations, as like: fair rules for employment, better wages, less hours and fewer days of work, free opinion expression and right to free association into labor unions, holidays paid, health care even for those who cannot pay assurances, and a retirement paid for oldest labors. No! West politicians simply openned western markets to free movement of money and goods, causing an unfair and savage trade competition which will soon kill western economies. 

West is trying now to level wages and other working conditions to those in Eastern countries in order to resist this unfair competition, but, western people have already reached a reasonable social level, therefore, those who believe western people will free accept working for one or two kilogrammes of rice a day, without weekly rest, nor vacations, nor pensions for the oldest people, nor support for education and sickness? No! west is already starting a painful walking towards chaos. People shall consider that working is not enough paid, so crime and poverty shall grow and reach unimaginable levels only watched in science fiction movies that put us about the end of times as stated in the biblical writings. West must reduce costs for Companies to preserve them. Thus, little by little, their taxes and effort to maintain social security must be reduced and shall be supported by workers mainly. As a result, social security budget will reduce as long as problems shall grow and soon it will not be enaugh to minimize problems. Golden days at West are already gone and soon streets shall fill up with a huge sort of desperate thieves and beggars, trying to survive by all means. Current middle class shall disappear as well as democracies and, in the future, there will be only two classes: a few very rich men and many poors, some of them working for very low salaries with no rights and those must support the whole expenses of states. Rich men will safe their money in places where no taxes are paid and shall live in fortresses surrounded by all sorts of protections, from where come out only with necessary bodyguards disposed to kill and to die for his "master"; simultaneously poors only may expect any protection by joinning gangs, once police shall be confined to their own spaces and reserved to repress social and criminal "explosions" more often will occur. Military forces shall be called upon to assist in most difficult cases. Finally, democracies shall fall down and we shall return again into dictatorial regimens. Our western civilization will return one hundred years ago at least.




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Quinta-feira, 24 de Junho de 2010

China increases its economy and is wining globalization against western developed countries

The final results of chinese economy shows that grew 17% instead of the expected 12% in the year of 2009. Meanwihle western developed countries continue with their economies stagnated or even falling down. This fact is not strange once many companies are closing their factories in western countries to open them in China, in order to profit the lower costs with salaries and other social duties. The value of this factor of production in China is irrelevant comparatively to EU and western social developed countries in general.

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